Arms of War

The Strategic PvP Idle Game

Date: Dec 16, 2021

Back online!

More info coming soon.


Kings across the land are waging war against eachother, and Mercenary Generals are flocking to the area to fight for glory, coin and reputation!

You, as a Mercenary General, are instructed to collect resources, conscript the local peasants, and destroy the enemy castle before they destroy you! To gain an edge, your King can make improvements to his castle or hire some local mages to provide magical assistance using crytals. You can also use the gold collected from the battlefield to improve your own equipment. Remember, each battle is has different circumstances: from plagues to unusually bountiful harvests to washed out roads.

AoW is a competitive idle game where players become the intimidatingly muscular arms in the engine of warfare through idle gameplay and clever team tactics.

Resources and currency are essential to raising an army.

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