Arms of War

The Strategic PvP Idle Game

Date: 10/15/2019 (BETA RELEASE)

The rewrite is officially complete! It took me a little longer than expected, but there were niche areas that ended up being a bit more complex to convert over from the old system. We are back up 100% and you are able to play right now. This wouldn't have been possible without our stellar Community Contributors that helped test everything out.

This was a MAJOR milestone. In fact, this literally puts us over the Alpha hump and into GENERALS: BETA!! You can see more of the roadmap here: I'm going to be running around the different social spaces over the next few days and making sure we're all up to speed on the new direction of the game: Match Tiers and a real progression system. You can read about it here: The intent is to be able to roll out new mechanics as a self-contained match type that people can play.

For those of you whom are still with us, I thank you for your patience. Some weeks it's been quite, some it's been loud, but we're finally to a point where this baby project is actually something, and that's a pretty good feeling. As always, thanks to @Pirion for the help and @DRunkies "1st Token Australian" for talking me off the ledges. Beta is going to bring some incredible things.

Date: 10/15/2019

Rewrite is officially DONE being programmed. I've spent some extra time ensuring that smaller peices are getting rewritten properly. This is going to drastically speed up feature development in the future. I've also taken this time to finalize the player levels design and tiered match systems, you can find out more on our Official DevBlog!


Kings across the land are waging war against eachother, and Mercenary Generals are flocking to the area to fight for glory, coin and reputation!

You, as a Mercenary General, are instructed to collect resources, conscript the local peasants, and destroy the enemy castle before they destroy you! To gain an edge, your King can make improvements to his castle or hire some local mages to provide magical assistance using crytals. You can also use the gold collected from the battlefield to improve your own equipment. Remember, each battle is has different circumstances: from plagues to unusually bountiful harvests to washed out roads.

Created by a husband and wife team, AoW is a competitive idle game where players become the intimidatingly muscular arms in the engine of warfare through idle gameplay and clever team tactics.

Resources and currency are essential to raising an army.

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